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Braced for Impact | Fine Scale Modeling

These live casts are fan funded through
FlockBox a cheap an fully functional static grass factory !
Let's Build a Craftsman kit. Just another Scale Modeler aka Ron Pare turns on the live stream at the modeling desk. Come on in and chat.

We love to make miniature terrain Or knock off an item from the wishlist

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Ron Pare

I am Just another Scale Modeler. Not special for any reason other than trying to share my craft and teaching you what I know, from buildingĀ models and even a few layouts over the last 10 years (2017). A custom builder, I build passionately for a wide range of clients and organizations.

Lately, though I have transitioned into a teaching role and encourage you to explore your hobby with the videos and ask questions during live chats.

Thanks for stopping by.


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