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  • Quick and Easy Fences

    Quick & Easy Fences by Scott Jay,    I wish this was an original idea, but it's not. I first saw this type of fence a few years ago on a friend's layout. I was shocked at the simplicity of it. What is it? It's nails, or brads, for an air nailer. The ones I am using are 18Ga. brad nails from 1.5" to 2.5" long. N-Scalers might want to try 22Ga. pins for your little fences. ;^)

  • Weathering Rolling Stock using Artists Chalks

    I suspect there are many model railroaders that feel overwhelmed by the thought of weathering their own rolling stock, I used to be one of them.  

  • Making Detailed Oaks and Maples

    Making wire trees is amazingly simple and cheap.

3D Printing

  • Dassault Systèmes Jumps into 3D Printing Retail with 3DVIA Make App

    European software giant Dassault Systèmes is already an industry leader for its suite of CAD programs, which includes Solidworks, but the company is aiming to take over the 3D world on a number of fronts.  Today, the company made an announcement that sees it eying an even larger stake of the 3D printing space with the launch of 3DVIA Make, an app that allows retailers to offer customer-personalized products via 3D printing.

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  • Carbon3D technology powers Hollywood special effects studio

    Legacy Effects wants to focus on art, not the stress of client deadlines and technical issues. But ever since the recession hit in 2008, the vanguard studio, which has created memorable film characters etched into the global imagination from “Avatar” (2009) to “Godzilla” (2014), ran into roadblocks as it tried to meet clients’ increasingly tighter budgets and project deadline demands. Legacy Effects has been using Carbon3D’s CLIP technology for the last year to address these challenges.

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  • New Wood and Crystal Clear 3D Printing Filaments

    Fillamentum's new crystal clear PLA material, and two new types of wood filament

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  • Introduction to Model Railroad Photography

    Bob's website is quick to get you to some fatastic tips. I am positive amateurs and experienced photographers can learn something from this website.

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  • Taking photographs of your models...

    I have a rather inexpensive mid-sized digital camera (Canon PS630) and with proper lighting, it gives really nice pictures. In fact, with the right lighting , any digital camera will give excellent results. Most digital cameras today  - small or big, inexpensive or expensive - have excellent lenses. It is really about how to maximize on the full capacity of the lens. 

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  • Model Railway Photography

    I’m always being questioned about photographing model railways, so here is a ‘reprint’ from an article I penned for Model Rail July 2008 issue. Cameras have moved on a little since then in that most are capable from producing a good quality A3 print, but the basic rules are the same - ‘light it well, keep it still’.

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